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ERDS strongly believes that our people are the foundation of our business success.  Our people are highly skilled and have a combined total of over 200 years experience. Therefore the ERDS team has the expertise to meet standard and specialist design needs for small to large scale projects.  Senior members of the ERDS team include :

Buy non prescription viagra online, Lloyds pharmacy discount code viagra

Merv has worked in the QLD and NSW electricity supply industry since 1969. His areas of expertise are extensive and include residential, commercial & industrial subdivision electrical reticulation, distribution substation design, Large Customer electrical connections negotiations, and layout and electrical reticulation design for street lighting, sports field lighting and public open space lighting. He is also able to complete electricity network investigations and reports

Charlene Margetts: General Manager

A highly competent and proficient designer having been employed with electrical design consultancies for the past 14+ years. She has extensive experience in the electricity supply industry, electricity transmission and distribution practices and related topics for both ENERGEX and Ergon Energy. Charlene also has a deep knowledge of the principles and techniques of electrical engineering, specifically in the areas of HV & LV electrical systems and electrical power systems design. After her initial appointment as Design Manager with ERDS, she was promoted to the role of General Manager, rising to the challenges and rewards of managing a multi-disciplined group, maintaining a strong relationships with all ERDS’ clients and mentoring the design and management team, living the statement that ‘our people are the foundation of our success’.

Warren Barat: Program Manager 

A senior manager with over 25 years’ experience in the utilities sector, leading and managing large multi-disciplinary service businesses.
Warren’s previous roles include; Regional Operations Manager with Siemens, Regional Manager with Broadspectrum NSW, Group Manager Service Delivery with PowerWater in Darwin and Group Manager Sales & Customer Engagement with TransGrid in Sydney. He has a passion for meeting his customers’ needs, by delivering projects and establishing strong relationships with customers, senior government representatives and key stakeholders.

Shay Quinn: Project Engineer

Shay is an experienced project management professional with over seventeen years’ experience gained in the engineering and project management sectors. He is skilled in all aspects of day to day project management, with a proven track record for using initiative and problem solving and a strong reputation for delivering project on time and on budget. Shay’s previous roles include; Project Manager and Project Engineer with Aerison in Brisbane, Industrial Engineer with Boart Longyear in Perth, Industrial Engineer with Areva T&D in Brisbane and Senior Manufacturing Engineer with De Beers Industrial Diamonds (Element Six) in Ireland.

Matthew Keeffe: Project Manager – buy viagra online canada with mastercard

With 30 years’ experience in the south east Queensland electricity supply industry. Matt held senior operational and regional management roles with QLD electrical authorities prior to joining ERDS in 2009.  In addition to his role as Project Manager, Matt’s extensive technical knowledge is also utilised to deliver design training to one of ERDS’ key clients.

Matthew Durward: Design Manager – RPEQ

Matthew began his career in 2002 as a Telecommunications Technician with Queensland Rail. In this role, he gained valuable practical experience in the communications and electrical engineering fields. In 2005, he moved to the Department of Transport & Main Roads where he worked as an Electrical Design Technologist for 8 years. During this time, he worked on a large number of design projects including Road Lighting, Traffic Signals & Intelligent Transport Systems, where he was required to manage projects from concept stage to construction. He also mentored and trained designers and engineers in the electrical design field. In October 2013 Matthew commenced employment with ERDS and since then has gained experience in Subdivision Reticulation and Distribution Design.

Brad Kunde: Design Manager – RPEQ

An engineer who has had a widespread career within the electricity supply industry, spanning 14+ years. His experience in both electrical design and construction management has been gained through roles with government electricity authorities and electrical consultancies in Queensland and NSW. Brad has an extensive knowledge of transmission and distribution design principles as well as experience in the disciplines of Road Lighting and subdivisions.