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ERDS offers design services for Residential, Rural Residential, and Commercial and Industrial subdivisions. From the smaller“1 lot into 2” up to the larger, multi-stage developments.

Our team is proudly ‘A’ Rated with both Energex and Ergon

Our Subdivision Services Include:

• Planning & Conceptual design
• Detailed Design of Electricity Reticulation, 11kV Reticulation and buy viagra online canada with mastercard
• Authority Approvals
• Electricity Supply Agreements
• Telstra/NBN provisioning letters
• Calling for rated electrical contractors’ tenders and tender evaluation
• Coordination of other services
• Technical Investigations and reports
• Feasibility Studies

ERDS can also simplify the process of gaining the Electrical Supply Agreement and provision of Certificate of Supply to the developer, through our partnering agreement with Energex.