Certificate of Electricity Supply

Certificate of Electricity Supply

A where can i order topamax Certificate of Electricity Supply (COS) is issued on behalf of Energex to developers who have successfully fulfilled all of Energex’s requirements for ensuring three phase electricity supply can be made to each lot of the development when an application is made.

The where can i order isotretinoin online Certificate of Electricity Supply is a legal document confirming that electricity supply is available to each lot of the development in accordance with the Council’s Development Application conditions.  The original of the COS will need to be submitted by the developer to allow registration and sealing of the plan of subdivision.

ERDS is authorized to issue a COS on behalf of Energex for certain development configurations as follows:

  1. A.   1 – 4 Lot Residential Subdivision where no work is required to the electrical network
  • ERDS will inspect and verify the existing supply arrangements
  • No electrical design is required
  • ERDS will notify Energex of supply arrangements
  • ERDS will issue the COS to the developer


  1. B.   Multi-lot residential or commercial and industrial subdivision where work is required to the electrical network
  • A design is required
  • Council and Energex approvals are obtained
  • An Energex Subdivision Supply Agreement  (SSA) is negotiated
  • The SSA is executed by the developer and any bond and capital contributions required are paid
  • ERDS will issue the COS to the developer

If you have a development that falls within A or B above and you want a quote from ERDS to arrange for COS you will need to supply the following information:

  1. Approved survey plan of the proposed subdivision
  2. Development Application approval letter and conditions
  3. The developer’s name and contact details for inclusion on the COS when issued
  4. Your name and contact details if you are not the developer.

If requested, ERDS are also able to obtain a communications Pre-provisioning Notification from the appropriate communications supplier for the area, to satisfy the Council’s condition for communications services.


For other development types

Energex (call 13 12 53 and ask for the Technical Call Centre) will issue Certificates of Electricity Supply for the following development configurations:

  • Multi-dwelling (ie townhouse development) residential lots
  • Group Title developments with a single point of electricity supply