Our Business Management Systems

The ERDS Business Management System consist of a range of policy, procedures and instruction, which govern our business and ensure ERDS is able to produce high quality products for all our Clients


ERDS Privacy Policy


ERDS is committed to providing a professional consultancy design service that meets the needs of the electrical and electricity supply industry and exceeds our clients’ expectations.  Our Quality Management System is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 and ensures that all our projects are managed for delivery of high quality outcomes to our clients.

2017.08.28 ERDS Quality Policy Rev D

ERDS Quality ISO9001 2015 eCert Exp 2021

Health, Safety & Environment

ERDS values the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, clients and visitors and is dedicated to providing a safe work environment at all times. Health, safety and environmental considerations are integrated into all aspects of our business to ensure we protect our people, our communities and the eco-system and, when feasible, enhance the environments in which work is undertaken.

Our commitment is supported by documented policies and procedures contained in the ERDS Business Management System. Our staff regularly participates in industry related and general safety training and are skilled in hazard identification, risk analysis and incident management.

Information Technology

ERDS uses the latest design software to quickly and accurately produce designs that comply with Australian design standards and industry regulations. Our staff have access to a suite of programs including AutoCAD, Perfect Lite, LV Drop, URD Pro, Power Pac, Catan and Poles’n’Wires.


ERDS maintains Insurance for the nominated values:

  • Public Liability Insurance $20m
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance $10m
  • Work Cover Insurance in accordance with employee numbers
  • Vehicle Insurance – full comprehensive cover on all vehicles

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