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ELECTRICAL RETICULATION DESIGN SERVICES PTY LTD commenced operating in Queensland in 1997. In 1999 ERDS was incorporated as a company and has since grown at approximately 10 – 15% per annum.
Our People

ERDS employs highly qualified and experienced planning, design and engineering personnel who have experience in the electricity and transport authorities. Collectively, they represent over 200 years of experience working in the electricity supply industry and over 80 years of experience in the design of road lighting, traffic signals and ITS. As a result, our workforce consists of highly skilled permanent and contract employees to deliver “one stop shop” solutions for our clients.

With significant years of broad industry experience and an extensive network of contacts, ERDS is able to utilise all of its resources to provide an integrated planning and design approach. Our knowledge and expertise with Road Lighting and Traffic Signals complements our extensive experience in electrical distribution networks. Therefore, making it easier and more cost- effective for our Clients to access the complete package of planning and design services. ERDS engages associates under sub-consultancy agreements to provide expert design services. these range from HV transmission lines, zone substations including secondary systems, engineering surveys, communications networks, building services, specialist lighting including sports field lighting, civil and structural design. Hence, ERDS is able to expand on our already diverse service offering. Our associates generally work from their own premises.

ERDS personnel work from well-appointed offices located in Morningside, Brisbane. Utilising the latest in computer hardware and software, together with a buy viagra online canada with mastercard compliant with ISO9001:2015. Whilst our offices are situated in Brisbane, we undertake work throughout Queensland.

Our Approach

ERDS is innovative, proactive and time focused. Providing our services with the highest level of quality and real value to our customers. We are able to achieve this through our attention to detail, excellent teamwork and communication, being unconditionally honest and focusing on our customers’ needs.